Welcome to my little corner of the cyber universe where I record experiences encountered on my ever-changing life journeys 🙂

Educational Research Journeys

I am a retired university lecturer and this website was originally created to support my Doctorate of Education research. I am no longer involved in any educational research projects. However, you can find information about my past research, projects and publications on my eLearning pages.

eCourses is a Moodle Course Management platform. Courses I created and ran during my university career are hosted on this site. I have not added any new courses for quite a while, but some of the links in my research papers access this site so I have left it published :).

eTechnology I continue to maintain my Technology Toolbox for Educators (TT4Ed) website (but not as frequently as I used to…) and I hope other educators may find this site interesting and/or useful for their own learning and teaching environments.

Travel Journeys

I also love to travel and I endeavour to be a responsible tourist. When I travel I try to support local businesses and organisations that give back to their local communities and provide opportunities for people to earn a fair and sustainable income.

Jenni’s Journeys is where I have documented my most recent travels in and around Cambodia. I hope it may assist other travellers to find authentic local travel experiences and encourage sustainable tourism. Jenni’s Journeys includes information and links to responsible tourism options, example travel itineraries and photos taken on my journeys.

Art & Craft Journeys

Jennip98 Handcrafted – Since I retired I have rekindled my passion for tinkering and creating practical and artistic handicrafts. I use my jennip98 handcrafted website to store information and images about my handicraft projects. More info…

Dining & Wining Journeys

Adventures of the High Teas – My Mother started this tradition and I have continued it… on this website I record information and photos about my high tea adventures with friends & family.

Cray on the Bay – (Under construction) Hummm, we don’t remember exactly when this journey began, but I think it must be at least 10 years ago. Each year a group of female friends gets together for lunch at Matilda Bay Restaurant for a crayfish & champagne lunch.