A not-for-profit online shop selling handcrafted products gifted by crafty Western Australian artisans 

Products are gifted to the Cre8ive Artisans Pod (CAP) shop for sale to help raise funds for people in need. Most items are one-off unique creations or only available in a limited range of designs, sizes or colours. 

Item prices include the cost of materials and a small donation in lieu of payment for the crafters time and effort.

Where appropriate, we have included links to the artisans websites or online shops so that you can find out more about their work if you desire.


Who we support

All profits from the sale of items on the Cre8ive Artisans Pod are donated to Siem Reap Food Bank

The Siem Reap Food Bank was started by Naret Chhoy, the Director/Trustee of Genevieve’s Fair Trade Village (GFTV) to help feed hungry families impacted by COVID-19. 

Gifting to the Shop

One of the joys of crafting is giving. If you are a crafty person we invite you to join our community and gift a handcrafted product (or two…) to the shop and help raise funds for people in need.

Two gifting options: 100% gifted or Labour only gifted.

Crochet Workshops

Crochet workshops for beginners and novices who would like to expand their skillsAll profits from the workshops are donated to the Siem Reap Food Bank in Cambodia.

  • Beginners – Learn how to crochet basic stitches (single, double & treble crochet)
  • Novices – Learn how to crochet sandals, hats etc.
  • Price – $30 per person  | Duration – 3 hours (min. 2  & max. 8 people per workshop 

Join one of the scheduled workshops, or contact Jenni (jennip98@gmail.com) to arrange a private workshop.