e-Portfolio MOOC logoI joined the ePortfolio MOOC running begin Aug to end Sep. I will use this blog to reflect on my journey throughout this course. I decided to use WordPress because I haven’t used it much and I would like to learn more about it. I am hoping this course will make me find the time to explore it 🙂

Today I have read through the overview section and the Level 1 section. For the Level 1 challenges I have decided to explore Livebinders and spiderscribe – because these are the only 2 tools in the list that I haven’t used before. I have created my Livebinders account and added the EPcoplearnspace home page. I still need to learn lots more about this technology, so I intend to watch the demo video to get a handle on what else I can do with this tool. I haven’t created a spiderscribe account yet as I need to get to work on producing some tutorials for my students now, but I intend to come back as soon as I can and explore this mindmapping tool.

So far I’m find the information and resources great. I already had links to Dr Helen Barretts eportfolio resources on my ASK website (a website created to assist MAN3655 students to develop their own eportfolios to demonstrate their skills and knowledge for developing session plans and training program) and the JISC effective practice with ePortfolios.pdf. However, I really like the Visual planning diagram for ePortfolio students and I intend to add this to the web site (soon). I also had a quick look at the planning poplet which looks like it’s got some really interesting info & links on it. I will come back & explore it in more depth. So pleased the MOOC is creative commons and we have been given permission to “harvest” resources. I’ll be sure to acknowledge the source. I’m hoping to join the webinar on August but not sure about my work committments for this day/time yet.

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