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I have spent the past two weeks planning and designing the “Authentic e-Learning Course Design” online course for my Master of Education research project. I have created my research website (eLearn Open), the Moodle site to run the course on (eLearn Open eCourses) and the course information learning guide (CI&LG).

Herrington - a guide to authentic e-learning bookI used Jan Herrington’s authentic learning framework to guide the course design and worked through the process that participants will use during the course to design their own authentic e-learning course to document the CI&LG.  I have received some great feedback from Jan (my supervisor) and I am now ready to promote the course to higher education practitioners.

I am pleased with my progress and I am looking forward to exploring and deciding on what resources to use to support the learning and then developing the online course. The course needs to be ready for participants to access on 2 January, 2012 so I will be busy working on it throughout the Christmas break. However, I don’t mind as I am really enjoying reading, exploring and being creative.

Authentic eLearning Course Design
9 January to 5 February 2012
(approx. 3 hours per week)
About the Facilitator

I am hoping to get about 10 participants – so if you are reading this and are interested in participating in the course please read the research information letter and consent form on the eLearn Open eCourses site and email me if you would like to enrol. And (or) please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone you know that might be interested in participating. The only criteria is that participants are employed within higher education and involved (or wanting to be) in designing online courses.

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