Good start to the day…

My day started off great today for a few of reasons:

  • First invitations for my research course were sent out at 5pm yesterday and I’ve already had my first enrolment (yeah!)
  • I promoted my research course on Twitter yesterday and Kerrie Smith picked it up and added it to The Kerrie Smith Daily (education). Thank you Kerrie 🙂
  • I then joined the Change2011 MOOC (#Change11) Elluminate session that Jan Herrington presented and chatted with another participant who is also involved with teacher education. She appeared to be interested in learning more about authentic learning task design so I gave her the link to my research course.

So news of my course is starting to spread and hopefully I will achieve my goal of enrolling 10 participants so I can gather sufficient data for my research.  I am a bit concerned about getting sufficient numbers as I realise people are very busy and lots of people go away during the January summer holidays. But, I think that by running the course during semester breaks I will have more chance of getting people involved as lecturers/tutors are just so busy during the semester. 

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