ICT in the classroom: Task 2

This is the fourth post in a series I am writing about the ICT in the classroom unit I am coordinating this semester. The aim of the unit is to give initial teacher education students the opportunity to consider critically a range of issues of concern to all teachers who use ICT in their classroom. The unit is based on authentic learning principles and students use a range of technologies as cognitive tools to produce a meaningful unit of work that they will be able to use in their future teaching studies and careers.

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This post provides an overview of Task 2 and discusses the report students need to write. In a following posts I will discuss the video presentation and the peer review components for task 2.

Task 2 overview

Task 2 image

First, students need to find four resources (one article, one video, one website and one audio podcast) related to their specific area of teaching. They then write a report to summarise the content and identify the technologies mentioned in each of the four resources. They also need reflect on and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using these technologies in the classroom. Once they have completed their report they then create a 5 minute video summarising their research findings. The video must include a few seconds video footage of the student and a narration by the students that runs from start to finish. The report and the video are attached to the teacher page on their website. Finally, each students is required to complete a peer review of four of their fellow students reports and videos using the Task 2 online peer review system and provide them with constructive feedback for improving their work.

Full details for Task 2 are available on the ICT in the classroom companion website and below is a 10min video discussing the report requirements.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VDTHJstXBA]
(ICT in the classroom: Task 2 report, jennip98, 2012)

In my next post I will discuss some of the technologies students could use to create their video.