Networking in Canada

This year I submitted a paper to the Edmedia conference that was held at the end of June in Vancouver, Canada. I also submitted an abstract for the ECER conference in Dublin, Ireland. ECER notified me that my abstract had been accepted. However, I could only afford to do one overseas trip so I held off making a decision to attend until I heard back from Edmedia.

My Edmedia paper was accepted for the category: Full Paper, Journal Publication and will be published both in the conference Proceedings and as an article in an AACE journal. So my decision was easy – I made travel plans for Vancouver! This was the first paper I have published as a sole author since finishing my degree and it was the first time I attended an International conference. So I was really excited about my pending trip to Vancouver and the Edmedia conference.

Photo of George, Jenni, Nellie, Curtis, Mila at edmedia Conference 2016
George, Jenni, Nellie, Curtis, Mila

I hoped it would be a great opportunity to meet educators from around the globe that were also interested in using various media to support student learning. I was also looking forward to meeting three people (Radney, Canada, Nellie, Israel & Mila, USA) that I had worked with online in 2009 and as yet hadn’t met in person.

A week before I departed I was surprised but thrilled to receive an email advising that my paper An authentic online community of learning framework for higher education: Development process had been selected to receive an outstanding paper award and I would be presented with the award at the conference. WOW life couldn’t get much better than this! But it did. I attended some great presentations and meet some wonderful people from all over the world.

Since coming home I have connected with some of the people I met and have started discussions about how we might collaborate and share our work.  One project underdiscussion is to develop an international community of learning for researchers interested in design-based research (DBR), also commonly referred to as educational design research (EDR), design research (DR), development research (DR), or design experiments (DE).

We haven’t set up a platform yet, but if you are interested in joining this community please post a comment with your name and contact details and if you have a DBR research website the URL for your website. My research website is: