Edublogs Challenge – Leadership

This month I decided to join in the Edublogs blogging club. Why? because the semester is about to start, again, and I would like to model what I teach (e.g., practice what I preach). I have been blogging for many years, but I am not a regular blogger. In fact, I prefer to read others blogs rather than blog myself. I often feel that others express thoughts and ideas that resonate with me better than I could.

Leadership-Lao Tze 2017Last week’s blog prompt is “Leadership”  (yes, I am running behind and playing catch up). My teaching philosophy is real-world (authentic) learning and I do not consider myself a leader, rather I think of myself as a facilitator and co-learner. I am always learning from my students as their questions lead me to investigate new areas and explore new ideas. As a university lecturer, I view my role as one of nurturing and encouraging students along their chosen educational path. Hopefully, many of my students will become leaders in their future careers and respective fields.

Some of the leadership blog posts that resonated with me were:

  • Kai Lynn Dailey’s 8 examples: 1) Stand boldly, 2) Convey trust, 3) Address fears, 4) Use power for others (Meryl Streep – my favourite!), 5) Educate and mentor, 6) Help others find their voice, 7) Listen, understand, connect (empathy), and 8) leadership through the use of collaborative design, resonates with my role as an educator.
  • Mrs Ruiz’s quote: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. – Jack Welch, former GE Chairman and CEO” resonates with my belief about growing others.
  • Jo Prestia’s comment: “My passion and vision for better learning continue to spur me, to speak out, to help others, to serve, to learn, to collaborate” resonates with my passion.

I did not read everyone’s posts, as there are so many 🙂 Thank you Edublogs for spurring me on to continue my blogging journey.