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Open learning network (OLNs)

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In the current information age many educators believe learning should be open and social (Brown & Adler, 2008: Caswell, Henson, Jensen & Wiley, 2008: Cormier & Siemens, 2010; Downes, 2009; Murphy, 2012) and increasingly teachers and learners are showing a greater interest in open learning networks and web technologies as they can “support self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities in a better way” (Baltzersen, 2010).

Open learning environments are digital environments that:

empower learners to participate in creative endeavours, conduct social networking, organize/reorganize social contents and manage social acts by connecting people, resources and tools by integrating web 2.0 tools to design environments that are totally transparent, or open to public view (Tu et al., 2012, p.14).

Open educational resources (OERs)

CC imageOpen educational resources (OERs) are materials designed to support educational and informal learning programs that are licensed to allow free access and use by anyone in the world (Anderson, 2008; Baltzersen, 2010; Curtin University, 2011). In this context “open” means that the end-user should be able to read, adapt, build upon and reuse the resource as long as they at least attribute the original creator (Hylen, 2006).
The rapidly growing pool of high quality OERs (Okada eta l., 2014; Olcott, 2012) and the ease with which digital OER materials can be shared via the Internet (Butcher, 2011) offers educators and students access to a broader range of information, rather than a single textbook, to encourage learners to think critically and make decisions about the content they select. They can also foster a culture of sharing, offer educators new ways of thinking about sustainable online content, and help reduce textbook costs for students (Semingson, 2014).
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Below are links to some resources I have created using FREE online tools that you might find interesting or useful for your own teaching. If you use these resources in your teaching area please ensure you acknowledge the author as indicated in the Creative Commons copyright statement on each site.
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