Living & learning with technology

Project overview
The aim of this project is to determine the effectiveness of a mandatory first year unit for pre-service teachers. This unit provides students with the opportunity to explore technology as social beings, as student learners and researchers at university, and as classroom teachers.
Dr Jan Herrington
Professor, School of Education
Murdoch University
Dr Jenni Parker
Lecturer, School of Education
Murdoch University
Dani Boase-Jelinek
Tutor, School of Education
Murdoch University
Design-based research approach
Phase 1 – Analyse

In this project, we used a design-based research study to explore the impact of an authentic learning framework for designing and implementing a 1st year university unit for education students. The pedagogical framework used to guide the design and implementation of the course was based on authentic learning principles, community of inquiry (CoI) elements, technologies as cognitive tools, together with access to a range of open educational resources.

Phase 2 – Design & develop
Students will document and present their work in a website they create, and the tasks focus on the creation of authentic products. Essentially, by completing the tasks, students complete the unit, and the final examination will allow students to further reflect on the use of technology in many areas of their lives as teachers and learner/researchers.
Live & Learn web image
Phase 3 – Implement & evaluate
Phase 4 – Report & disseminate