ICT in the classroom

Project overview
The aim of this project is to research the effectiveness of an optional online unit for 2nd/3rd year pre-service teachers. The focus of this unit is learning with information and communication technologies (ICTs). It is designed as a general elective for those interested in using ICTs in schools (K-12), post-secondary institutions such as TAFE colleges or universities, as well as training establishments.
Dr Jan Herrington
Professor, School of Education
Murdoch University
Dr Jenni Parker
Lecturer, School of Education
Murdoch University
Design-based research approach 
Phase 1 – Analysis
This research project was undertaken to investigate how the unit could be made more interactive and engaging. A design-based research approach was used to test the effectiveness of each iteration and  identify areas for improvement that were implemented in subsequent iterations.
Phase 2 – Design and develop

The unit is task-based, so by completing the tasks, students complete the unit. The tasks for this unit centre around the topic “teaching and learning X with current and future ICTs where X might be any area of professional interest. For example: primary school reading, or secondary school history, or middle school science, or undergraduate nurse education, or early childhood creative arts.

Students are asked to imagine their school is preparing to integrate ICT more fully in the classroom and they have been asked to create an example website to present a unit of work to their colleagues describing how they would implement ICT in their classroom for their selected area of teaching.
Phase 3 – Implement and evaluate
Phase 4 – Report and disseminate