Workplace learning & development

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Project Overview

The aim of this project is to determine the effectiveness of a blended learning environment based on authentic learning principles for a 3rd year elective unit that contributes to a bachelor of business specialising in human resource development.

Tara Smith
Lecturer,  School of Business & Law
Edith Cowan University
Jenni Parker
Tutor, School of Business & Law
Edith Cowan University
Design-based research approach
Phase 1 – Analysis
In previous years this unit was offered as an on-campus class in 1st semester and an online class in 2nd semester. Consequently the tasks students completed were tailored to the specific learning environment and were not the same. In 2011 the university decided to offer both the on campus and online modes in the same semester. This meant that the unit had to be redesigned as both on and off campus students would all be accessing the same LMS unit and that the tasks would need to be the same and suitable for both modes of learning.
Phase 2 – Design & develop
Students are asked to imagine they work for a large training organisation: ASK Learning solutions (fictional) and to use an e-portfolio to document their learning journey and professional development. Their first task is to respond to a job application for a training position with ASK. Their application is successful and their second task is to develop a training plan for a specific learning need. As they gain experience they are promoted and their third and final task requires them to work in small teams to plan, develop and review a training program and produce a training manual. They are also required to deliver a 30 minute training session (a component of their program) to their colleagues in either a face-to-face or online context.
Phase 3 – Implement & evaluate
This research study was funded by an ECU Faculty Teaching and Learning Grant. Further iterations will be subject to future funding.
Phase 4 – Report & disseminate