cbox Chat

Testing cbox – chat …  humm that didn’t work  will have to check it out later. It also didn’t work on Blogger, well it sort of did, the cbox chat displayed but it threw out the whole formatting for the web page.  The only place I managed to get it working so far is on my Moodle site.  Something to explore further when I get time.

My PLE for the PLENK2010 MOOC

This is my PLE, personal learning environment for the connectivist PLENK2010 MOOC, massive open online course. It aggregates all the useful links and helps me to follow the PLENK201010 MOOC discussions

– PLENK 2010
– PLENK2010 Blog
– PLENK2010 Forum
– The Daily
– Participants
– Live Sessions
– PLENK2010 Wiki
– Google Blog Search
– Icerocket
– WordPress
– Delicious
– Twitter Search

My thanks to emapey (Eduardo Peirano) for sharing his PLE ideas on the Moodle forum – which I have copied (above) to help me stay connected and on track 🙂

Introduce Yourself

Since you found your way to my blog dashboard…why don’t you leave a comment to introduce yourself !

I’m having problems embedding code using WordPress. It is not as easy as Edublogs! I’ve just copied and pasted the code from Frappr and voiceThread to both my blogs (comparing the 2 tools)

Edublog – easy. I just pasted code in & the images & links work fine.
WordPress – not so easy. As you can see above the Frappr code embedded the toolbar info, but not the map itself. And for voiceThread nothing appears.

I know, I know, I’m new to WordPress and I haven’t learnt my way around it yet (actually I haven’t done any of the tutorials, just jumped in and used it). I’m sure when I go looking I’ll find out how to insert the embed code correctly. However I’m also new to Edublogs (and haven’t done any of their tutorials either) but it worked fine there!

A tick for Edublogs for making embedding code to other gadgets easy! If you would like to introduce yourself – go to my edublog site.